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Corporate Care

International crisis management and response insurance

How would you respond if your staff were involved in an incident, crisis, or disaster?

What would happen if your staff were involved in a major incident while traveling, or even on site?

The effectiveness of your response directly affects the perceptions of staff, families, community and even customers.

Do you have insurance coverage with disaster and crisis support in place?

The Insurance Policy

Underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, our Crisis / Disaster Insurance policy provides cover for disaster management services both domestically and internationally. Disaster Management International will respond in the event of a sudden, unforeseen natural or man-made disaster which affects five or more lives and/or results in multiple fatalities and/or injuries. Different plans are available to suit the cover you require. In the event of an incident, all costs to the value of the policy are borne by the insurer, with direct billing allowing a full and effective response.

Our Services

Disaster Management International has helped organisations prepare for, respond to, manage and recover from, unexpected and disastrous incidents. Our services will complement your existing plans and operations, or we can provide complete emergency management and response programmes, from strategic crisis management consultation to development of after action documentation, reviews and recommendations. While you never know when an incident will occur, you can always plan for how you will respond.


  • Quick response – an experienced team of experts are ready to take charge of any situation.
  • Communication – liaison between incident site and the business and staff families.
  • Staff support – on the ground Emotional and psychological well-being and behavioural health support.
  • Complete service – disaster preparedness and response both domestically and internationally.

DISASTER MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL is a disaster preparedness and response consulting firm. With teams worldwide, DMI professionals have experience in multiple settings – Family Assistance, mortuary operations, fire service, law enforcement, healthcare, hazardous materials response and inter-operable communications. Our extensive experience includes large-scale international and domestic disasters, numerous industrial incidents and commercial and private aircraft accidents. OUR


Disaster Management International professionals, associates and partners can address any challenge in both industry and community. We have the expertise and are ready to provide our knowledge, skills and contacts to support your organisation, whatever the situation.


  • Incident management teams
  • Medical service liaison with families
  • Communication between victims and their immediate families
  • Transportation as needed


  • Repatriation
  • Assistance with locating victims
  • Evacuation coordination
  • Media management
  • Behavioural health services as needed
  • Assist with international challenges: local laws, languages and regional communication


  • Liaison between the University and each immediate next of kin. (DMI will act as the representative of the University.)
  • DMI representative on-site or nearby each immediate next of kin.
  • Behavioural health services as needed
  • Up-to-date communication to family every 2-4 hours, or more frequently as needed
  • Media management
  • Travel and accommdation coordination


  • Liaison between the incident site (command centre) and University/College
  • Coordinate resources and communications with other insurers (Repatriation, Medical, Kidnap & Ransom, etc.)
  • Media management
  • Liaison between family members and University
  • Travel and accommodation coordination
  • Behavioural management services